Welcome to Percy's Pets

Welcome to Percy's Pets! Here you can find out all about caring for your pets and get advice to help chose the right pet for you.

Pets bring happiness to their owners and don't ask for much in return, just to be loved and cared for. Taking on a pet is a big responsibility though, and serious thought should be given to what they require and how long they will live.

Here at Percy's Pets we have lots of experience in keeping pets from both a personal and professional point of view. We know that all pets are different, some need specialist habitats, some have complex training needs. Browse our articles to find out useful information on how to care for your pet, and how you can overcome problems to end up with a well behaved and happy pet.

Dog & Puppy Care

Dogs are great companions. They are smart, sociable animals who given the right care and training can be a great addition to the family. Find out about choosing the right dog for you, and what things to look for when you are deciding on a breed.

Here we give advice on all aspects of feeding and nutrition for you dog, from feeding routines through to an overview of all the dog foods available today. Dogs have different needs when they are puppies, and when they are older. Find out how best to feed pregnant and nursing bitches, or what can upset your dogs stomach.

We have lots of advice on dealing with training and behavioural problems, from puppy training through to barking and aggression. We also aim to take you through all the other things you will need for your dog, from toys, to beds and medical treatments.

Cat & Kitten Care

Cats are the pet world's adventurers. When not snuggled up snoozing they can be found out and about, playing and exploring the world around them. They are also very affectionate and love interacting with their owners.

Here we have advice on how and what to feed your cat to help them get the best out of their lifestyle, from indoor house-cats who need to keep in shape, to the ageing outdoor cat who needs that extra bit of help keeping up with the younger cats in the neighbourhood. Kittens need the right food to help them grow, whilst older cats can be kept happy and healthy with the right diet. Find out how to feed pregnant and nursing queens, and what to avoid in your cats diet.

We will also guide you through all the aspects of caring for your cat,and the various equipment and accessories you will need to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Small Animals
Small Animal Care

Small Animals are often a child's first step into owning and caring for a pet. The term 'small animals' covers a huge range of animals from the most common – Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, & Hamsters, through to the less well understood- Chinchillas, Degus, & Ferrets. Small Animals are much more reliant than Cats and Dogs on their owners to control their environment and give them the interaction and care they require.

Percy's Pets can guide you through the specific dietary requirements for each breed, as they all vary in what they require. We can also inform you about what type of housing they will need, and how to keep them active and amused. You can also find out about the specific care requirements for each breed and how to keep the fit and healthy.

Caring For Pet Birds

Birds are a colourful and vocal pet, with some being kept as a single companion pet to an array of birds in an aviary There is a huge variety in the breeds available and each has its own considerations for care and space needed, through to lifespan as some can live for a long time. Many people think birds are hard work, and this can be true of parrots and larger birds but birds such as finches and budges can be easily kept and cared for.

Here we can guide you through the breeds you can keep, and help you decide which is the best choice for you. Do you want a bird that needs daily contact and socialisation or would you prefer bird that you can look at but that will not want to be handled? What are the specific dietary requirements for each species and what sort of treats can you give them? Let us help you find out more.

Caring For Fish

Keeping fish is an interesting and sometimes complex pet choice enjoyed by many people. It is a good chance for people to keep a pet where they do not have space for a larger animal like a dog, or where they are not physically able to care for a small animal such as a rabbit or hamster. It can be very rewarding and gives the opportunity to keep a larger number of species and observe how they interact with each other in the environment you have created.

Successful fish keeping is very dependent on creating the best environment for them and here at Percy's Pets we can guide you through setting up an aquarium and introducing different fish into it. You can also find out how to maintain your aquarium and how to deal with problems that arise.

We will tell you about all the different types of fish you can buy and which ones will live happily together. Some species have different feeding needs and a specific environment to live in and we can help you through this maze of information.