Boredom is a major cause of behavioural problems in dogs. Although we would all love to play with our dogs all day long, the daily routine of life means that sometimes we cannot and the dog is left getting bored and frustrated. Here we list our top 10 dog toys you can give your dog to keep them occupied during the times you cannot play with them (although we would always recommend some supervision when your dog is using them!):

1. The Original Kong. A classic design which has kept many a dog interested over the years. Chose from the standard ‘Red’ Kong or for the super tough chewers try a ‘Black’ Kong. It has a large hole in one end into which you can stuff all types of treats & food which will gradually fall out whilst the dog chews it. If you have to leave your dog whilst you are out why not put it’s breakfast in the Kong so that it has to work to get it. Kong also produce a range of Kong Paste’s in various flavours which can be used to bind the contents of biscuits or treats together, making it stay in even longer. Just make sure that the last few treats you put in are large enough to plug the hole up so that the contents don’t fall straight out. Available in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large in both Red and Black colours. Try Amazon for the best prices, or Pet Supermarket and Zooplus also have great prices for these brilliant toys!

Percy’s Tips: Dog agility is great fun and exercise for your dog. Click here to find out more!

2. Trixie Activity Ball. A ball made from natural rubber with a treat size hole on one side. Simply fill the ball with your dogs favourite treats and your dog has to roll it around to make the treats fall out the bottom. Available from £5.49 for a 7cm ball up to £9.52 for an 11cm ball from Amazon.

3. Kong Wobbler. This interactive dog toy is made from high strength polymer for the more boisterous dog. Simply unscrew the top part and fill it with the most tempting treats you can find (you can also use your dog’s normal food). Weighted at the base, it sits upright and wobbles and spins as your dog tries to get the treats to fall out of the hole in the side. Only £9.89 (33% off RRP) at Amazon, also available from Pet Supermarket or Zooplus.

4. Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower. This clever puzzle is sure to keep your canine pal busy for hours. It consists of several parts. The tower has three pull out drawers which must be pulled out by your dog in order for the treats to fall out of the base. It also has 3 cones on the base under which you can hide treats and food for your dog to find. Made of strong plastic with non slip feet to keep it in place as your dog plays. Buy from Amazon for £15.54 (42% off RRP).

Percy’s Tips: Does your dog chew your things? Read our guide to stopping problem chewing!

5. Nina Ottosson Dog Games. We would like to list just one of these brilliant challenging dog toys but the whole range is fantastic for keeping your dog interested and entertained. The puzzles are designed to fit various difficulty levels and are made of either plastic or wood. Prices start from under £10 for the treat maze from Amazon and Pet Supermarket.

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