Choosing the Right Dog Grooming Table

Whether you are thinking of starting as a profession dog groomer, looking to upgrade your existing grooming table, or simply a cost conscious dog owner who wants to groom their own dog to save some money, buying the right grooming table can make the job a lot easier.

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What does a grooming table consist of?

Grooming tables are designed to hold your dog at a manageable height whilst you groom them. They have a level platform to place your dog onto which is usually covered by a non slip mat for your dogs safety. Attached to the table is either a metal arm which goes above the table platform, or a metal H frame which sits above. Attached to these are the grooming nooses. These are placed around the dog to minimise the dogs movement. A white or coloured platform top will help reflect the light back up onto the dog, giving better visibility when grooming the underside of the dog.

Electric, Hydraulic, or Manual?

This depends on how big your dog is and how often you will use it. There are three types of grooming table. The electric tables have an electric motor which operates the raise/lower mechanism. These are great for large dogs or if you have difficulty lifting. We would also recommend an electric table for professional groomers as if you are lifting dogs up and down all day you can risk damaging your back. The next is the hydraulic table. This uses a hydraulic pump which you activate with your foot to raise the platform. This is useful for situations where a power supply may not be easily accessible. The final type of table is the manual table (sometimes folding). The top of this table is set at one height so you will have to lift your dog up onto it to groom them. This may be a problem for bigger dogs but these are normally the best value grooming tables you can buy.

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So when you are choosing a grooming table make sure you take the following into consideration to get the best one for your needs:

  • Frequency of use – is it just to groom your own dog or will you do it everyday as a job?
  • Power supply availability – can you plug in an electric table?
  • Size and weight of dog – will the size of the dog restrict lifting?
  • Ability to lift dogs up – are you physically able to lift dogs up?
  • How much you wish to spend – the more you pay the better the quality of table you can buy
  • How long lasting the table will be – better quality tables will last longer
  • What accessories it comes with – do you need to buy extra accessories or does it come with everything you need?
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