Why buy a Reflective dog coat?

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A dog coat is essential for the winter months to keep your dog warm and dry. But you should also consider how visible you are during the long, dark nights. A reflective dog coat is a must have if you live in rural areas, often having to walk on roads with no footpath or streets with no lighting. In the city too, with more motorists and other dog owners, a reflective dog coat will make you stand out and keep you and your dog safe. There are a number of options when considering which reflective coat to buy your dog. Do you need a coat to keep your dog warm, or do you want a reflective vest for your dog to wear over the top of a coat you already have? Do you want a bright yellow coat, or a more subtle coat with reflective features? You can also now buy dog coats with LED lights embedded in the design for extra brightness.

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Weatherbeeta Reflective Dog Coat

From £17.00
Rosewood Reflective Safety Coat

From £6.33
Danish Design 2 in 1 Coat

From £14.78
Petlife Flectalon Hi-Viz Jacket

From £17.00
Karlie Touchdog coat

From £19.77
Trixie Safety Coat

From £6.84
Hi-Hiz Vest

From £4.99
Rosewood LED Dog Coat

From £13.46
Go Walk Hi Viz Coat

From £14.77

How to choose the right coat

Choosing the right dog coat is important so that it suits your dog. Make sure the material is high quality and that the stitching is good. Check that the straps fits tightly around the dog and are long enough to fit all the way around. The reflective parts of the coat should be easily visible so if there is just reflective detailing make sure you can see it clearly. Make sure the length of the coat is enough to fit from the dogs neck to the base of the tail. If you require an underbelly covering then make sure the dog coat you choose has this

Which dogs are these dog coats suitable for?

Reflective dog coats are essentail for dogs with black or dark coloured coats. They are also a good idea for small dogs to make them stand out on dark nights. Working dogs would also benefit from having a reflective dog coat to keep them safe when they are out and about.

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Fitting a dog coat

Measure the length from the base of your dogs neck to the base of the tail. This will be the length on the packaging of the dog coat. Then check the distance around your dogs chest. This will also be needed to choose the right coat for your dog. Always check your measurements carefully and try the dog coat on as soon as you can.

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