Worms in Cats

Protecting your cat from parasitic worms is an important part of being a responsible cat owner. Using cat worming tablets is the most popular method of doing this, although worming treatments are also available in a liquid, paste or granule form. There are many brands on the market which you can purchase online or from […]

How to Stop a Cat Spraying

Cats spraying or soiling indoors is one of the most unpleasant and frustrating problems a cat owner can face. It results in many cats being abandoned and re homed every year when the owner loses patience and cannot solve the problem. Spraying or soiling is unlikely to just be a case of your cat being […]

How to Stop a Cat Scratching Furniture

Cats claws are a vital part of their body. As hunters they need them for climbing and balancing while on the prowl. They use their front claws to grip their prey when hunting, and their back claws if they are tackling something a bit bigger and more lively. Scratching is also used by cats to […]

Feeding Your Cat – A Step-By-Step Guide

How much should I feed my cat? Your cat food packet should have a feeding guide on it which will give you a guide of how much to feed your cat depending on its weight. This should always be used as a guide and you should feed your cat ‘to condition’. This means if your […]

Cat Food – The Different Choices

In the wild cats can eat lots of small meals through the day, therefore when feeding domestic cats you should leave food out for them to feed on ad lib as they wish. Many people think cats are more fussy than dogs, this is because cats only have 500 taste buds compared to the dogs […]