Reflective Dog Coats

Why buy a Reflective dog coat? Designer Dog Coats Waterproof Dog Coats A dog coat is essential for the winter months to keep your dog warm and dry. But you should also consider how visible you are during the long, dark nights. A reflective dog coat is a must have if you live in rural […]

Travelling in the Car with Dogs

Travelling in the Car with Dogs Travelling with any pet can be stressful for both the pet and the owner, but for dogs the change of routine and the unfamiliar surroundings can be even more unsettling. Car travel is probably the most common form of transport your dog with need to be used to. It […]

Dog Ramps, Steps & Stairs

Dog Ramps, Steps & Stairs Having a car means you can travel to a variety of different places to walk your dog, which gives you a change of scenery and your dog the chance to join the family more often. But what happens when your dog becomes older and is less able to jump up […]

Choosing The Right Dog Grooming Table

Choosing the Right Dog Grooming Table Whether you are thinking of starting as a profession dog groomer, looking to upgrade your existing grooming table, or simply a cost conscious dog owner who wants to groom their own dog to save some money, buying the right grooming table can make the job a lot easier. Percy’s […]

Our Best 5 Dogs Toys For Boredom

Boredom is a major cause of behavioural problems in dogs. Although we would all love to play with our dogs all day long, the daily routine of life means that sometimes we cannot and the dog is left getting bored and frustrated. Here we list our top 10 dog toys you can give your dog […]

How to stop a dog chewing

Dogs are natural chewers and must chew in order to keep their mouths healthy and to aid their development. It is only when they start chewing on things they shouldn’t be, such as personal objects or dangerous items when the owner must act to protect their possessions and their dog’s health. Adaptil is a pheromone […]

Introducing New Babies to Dogs

Introducing New Babies to Dogs Most new parents with dogs in the household will give a lot of thought about the best way to introduce the dog to their new baby to ensure that the dog accepts the baby without any problems occurring. For most dogs a new baby entering the family will be quickly […]

Is your dog refusing to eat? Our top 10 tips to get your dog eating properly.

Is Your Dog Refusing To Eat? Our top 10 tips to get your dog eating properly Dogs not eating can be frustrating and worrying for it’s owner as nobody wants to see their dog ‘going hungry’. There are a couple of points to make to begin with. Firstly, if you are worried about your dog […]

Things to look for when buying a puppy

Buying a puppy is a big step. You must carefully consider the requirements of being a dog owner and be willing to commit to the dog for it’s lifetime. Every year thousands of dogs are dumped and abandoned because their owners cannot look after them properly and want to get rid of them. Assuming you […]

Dog Grooming Equipment

For some dog grooming is an art form, for most it is an essential part of caring for your dog. All dogs from the long haired Afgan Hound to a short coated Greyhound will need to be groomed at some point to keep them healthy and look great. Grooming is a broad term covering aspects […]