Is your dog refusing to eat? Our top 10 tips to get your dog eating properly.

Is Your Dog Refusing To Eat? Our top 10 tips to get your dog eating properly Dogs not eating can be frustrating and worrying for it’s owner as nobody wants to see their dog ‘going hungry’. There are a couple of points to make to begin with. Firstly, if you are worried about your dog […]

Natural Dog Food

Natural dog foods have seen a large increase in popularity over the past few years as dog owners become more conscious about what they feed their dog. There has also been big steps forward from manufacturers in the quality of feeding products produced, and the quality of the ingredients used. What is a natural dog […]

Feeding Your Dog – What You Need To Know

How much should I feed my dog? Most dog foods will have a feeding guide on the pack which will give you a guide to the quantity needed per day. You should remember though that this is a guide only and if your dog is less active you will need to feed less and if […]

Dog Food – Choosing From The Options

Dog foods fall into several different categories. Complete Foods contain all the ingredients the Dog needs for a balanced diet in the correct ratio for the Dog it is made for. It is designed to be fed on its own and it is not necessary to feed it with any other types of foods. It […]