Choosing The Right Dog Grooming Table

Choosing the Right Dog Grooming Table Whether you are thinking of starting as a profession dog groomer, looking to upgrade your existing grooming table, or simply a cost conscious dog owner who wants to groom their own dog to save some money, buying the right grooming table can make the job a lot easier. Percy’s […]

Dog Grooming Equipment

For some dog grooming is an art form, for most it is an essential part of caring for your dog. All dogs from the long haired Afgan Hound to a short coated Greyhound will need to be groomed at some point to keep them healthy and look great. Grooming is a broad term covering aspects […]

Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog clippers are an essential tool for grooming your dog to achieve a good, all round coat length and to apply a finishing touch around more delicate areas. What Types of Clippers are there? There are several types of clippers you can buy. Professional grade clippers which come with a huge range of different grade […]