Reflective Dog Coats

Why buy a Reflective dog coat? Designer Dog Coats Waterproof Dog Coats A dog coat is essential for the winter months to keep your dog warm and dry. But you should also consider how visible you are during the long, dark nights. A reflective dog coat is a must have if you live in rural […]

Things to look for when buying a puppy

Buying a puppy is a big step. You must carefully consider the requirements of being a dog owner and be willing to commit to the dog for it’s lifetime. Every year thousands of dogs are dumped and abandoned because their owners cannot look after them properly and want to get rid of them. Assuming you […]

Designer Dog Coats

Why buy a designer dog coat? Waterproof Dog Coats Reflective Dog Coats With so many different dog coats available you might want to get a designer dog coat to help your pampered pooch stand out from the crowd. Standard dog coats do vary, but usually they are of a similar type of material and are […]

Waterproof Dog Coats

Why buy a waterproof dog coat? Designer Dog Coats Reflective Dog Coats Dog coats are essential for dogs during the colder months. However, many people fail to consider all of their dogs needs before purchasing a coat for their dog. One thing that is often overlooked is whether the coat is waterproof or not. Many […]

Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

What is a Phantom Pregnancy? A phantom pregnancy in a dog is where the dog starts to show physical and behavioural signs similar to a pregnant dog. It usually occurs 1-2 months after the bitch has completed her estrus cycle (being on heat). Although the exact cause is not known it is thought to be […]

Dog Incontinence

What are the signs of dog incontinence? Incontinence in dogs is the loss of their ability to control their bladder. This can be seen as a few spots of urine here and there through regular uncontrollable urination. What causes dog incontinence? The most common type of incontinence is hormone responsive incontinence. It is most commonly […]

Dog Skin Problems

What are the most common symptoms of skin problems in dogs? Some skin problems will be more visible than others, but behavioural symptoms such as excessive itching and scratching, licking and over grooming are the first signs that something is not right. Physical symptoms such as a rash, sores or an unpleasant smell may also […]

Dog Vaccinations (Injections)

Dog Vaccinations (Injections) Your dogs vaccinations are a vital part of protecting their health and preventing some potentially fatal diseases from occurring. It is important as a responsible pet owner to ensure you provide these vaccinations to not only protect your dog but also to prevent a more widespread outbreak of disease amongst the dog […]

How often do you worm a dog and what treatment should you use?

The use of dog worming tablets is now the most common and easiest way of preventing your dog from getting worms. There are a large number of brands on the market, available from supermarkets, pet specialist stores and vets. What are dog worms? Dog worms are a broad term for a group of Endoparasites that […]

Dog Fleas – Prevention and Treatment

Fleas can cause many health problems for dogs and are a source of great irritation for them. Controlling and removing fleas from dogs is a year round consideration. Whilst the warm weather in the summer will result in more chance of your dog getting fleas you should remember that the start of the winter when […]