Our Best 5 Dogs Toys For Boredom

Boredom is a major cause of behavioural problems in dogs. Although we would all love to play with our dogs all day long, the daily routine of life means that sometimes we cannot and the dog is left getting bored and frustrated. Here we list our top 10 dog toys you can give your dog […]

Dog Agility Equipment

Dog agility has seen a massive rise in popularity over recent years. Many training clubs run agility training sessions and competitions but you can have as much fun doing it at home. Prices are also much cheaper than they were, with whole sets for around £59. What does an agility course consist of? Hurdles. These […]

Playing With Dogs

Which toys are best for my dog? There are a huge number of dog toys on the market today. To find out what is best for your dog you need to consider a few things. How big is your dog? A small dog will show little or no interest in a dog toy that is […]