Travelling in the Car with Dogs

Travelling in the Car with Dogs Travelling with any pet can be stressful for both the pet and the owner, but for dogs the change of routine and the unfamiliar surroundings can be even more unsettling. Car travel is probably the most common form of transport your dog with need to be used to. It […]

Dog Ramps, Steps & Stairs

Dog Ramps, Steps & Stairs Having a car means you can travel to a variety of different places to walk your dog, which gives you a change of scenery and your dog the chance to join the family more often. But what happens when your dog becomes older and is less able to jump up […]

How to stop a dog chewing

Dogs are natural chewers and must chew in order to keep their mouths healthy and to aid their development. It is only when they start chewing on things they shouldn’t be, such as personal objects or dangerous items when the owner must act to protect their possessions and their dog’s health. Adaptil is a pheromone […]

Introducing New Babies to Dogs

Introducing New Babies to Dogs Most new parents with dogs in the household will give a lot of thought about the best way to introduce the dog to their new baby to ensure that the dog accepts the baby without any problems occurring. For most dogs a new baby entering the family will be quickly […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What Causes Separation Anxiety in Dogs? The cause of separation anxiety in dogs is simple I’m afraid – the owner, or more specifically how the owner acts with the dog. Dogs can all to often develop very strong emotional attachments to their owner which means they suffer massive anxiety when the owner is not around. […]

How to stop your dog pulling on the lead

Dogs pulling on their leads is one of the top behavioural problems dog owners face. We would all love to be able to take our dog out for a nice relaxing walk without having to worry about being dragged along by the dog, but for some dog owners ‘walkies’ is full of stress and anxiety. […]

Dog Flaps

When should I use a dog flap? A dog flap can be useful to allow your dog access to outside space without having to leave doors open. If you have a hectic household then your dog might be happier being able to go outside when it feels like it, or if it needs the toilet. […]

Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training What is clicker training? A dog clicker is a small plastic training tool with a thin metal insert that clicks when you press it. Clicker training involves using the ‘click’ noise as a sign to the dog that they are going to get a reward. It is about building an association between […]

Dog Barking at Night Solutions

How to stop your dog barking at night A Dog barking at night is a challenging behavioural problem to fix as it can cause sleepless nights for the owner and their family, as well as upsetting neighbours. It can be overcome by most dogs by using the correct techniques and having plenty of patience. The […]

Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training The dog crate is a useful solution to a range of dog behavioural problems as well as being used for new puppies when they move into their new home. It provides a secure environment to keep your dog happy and safe in the home and when travelling. Puppy crate training Using a […]