Setting Up Your Aquarium

Setting up an Aquarium Finding The Right Location Before setting up or even buying a new aquarium you should consider size and location. Where are you planning to put your aquarium? Most people choose the living room so that they can enjoy watching it during their leisure time. This should be a good place but […]

Transporting Fish

Transporting fish in the proper manner can decrease the chances of the fish dying or become unwell once they are in their new tank. Before transporting fish either from where you purchase them or between tanks in your own home you should take into consideration the following points. Firstly you need to make sure the […]

Fish Behavioural Problems

As with all animals fish can have behavioural problems. Below is a few of the most common you will encounter and some advice to what you can do about it: My fish is eating other fish in the tank, what can I do? Some types of fish will eat other fish, these are called Priscivorous […]

Choosing and Buying Fish

There are a huge number of tropical fish available to purchase in specialist stores or from other enthusiasts. It can be easy to rush in and buy all the prettiest or most colourful fish but you need to research the types of fish available and think carefully about how to achieve a harmonious and easy […]