Rabbits as Pets

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets in the UK. They can be entertaining and sociable, but also very complex and shy and may need extra care. They come in many shapes and sizes and there are hundreds of different varieties available. For many years rabbits have been seen as a great pets for […]

Which Breed of Rabbit is Best For Me?

Which Breed of Rabbit Should I Choose? There are many different breeds of rabbit available. Many can be found readily available in pet shops, but others you will have to do some research of local breeders. Each type has its own individual requirements. Some are great for beginners, other will require a most experienced rabbit […]

Your First Ferret

Your First Ferret Ferrets are playful and full of energy. They will live for around 8-10 years and grow to around 2.2kg in weight. They are not often available in pet shops due to the space they need, so you may have to research a local breeder. Look online for these breeders and to contact […]

Your First Hamster

Your First Hamster A Hamster is a a very good first pet for children as their food and bedding can be brought for a small cost which children can pay for from their weekly pocket money which will teach them to be responsible pet owners. They also make great pets for adults to though. You […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Rabbit Health

My Rabbit has an abscess, how can I treat It? Abscesses are puss filled swellings which can appear on any part of the rabbits body. It is most common to find them on the face though. They are caused by bacteria infecting a wound or bite. They can also be due to infections in the […]

Your First Guinea Pig

Your First Guinea Pig A Guinea Pig is a a very good first pet for adults or children due to their placid temperament. There are lots of places you can buy one, there are specialist breeders and also good pet shops. It can be a good idea to ask others who keep Guinea Pigs where […]

Your First Rabbit

Your First Rabbit A rabbit can make a very good first pet for adult or child. There are lots of places you can buy one, from pet shops through to breeders. It can be a good idea to ask others who keep rabbits for recommendations of where to buy one, or speak to your local […]